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Wall/Hallway Lamps

Illuminate your home with designer and modern wall lamps. We have a wide range of wall lighting in our collection with a different selection of finishes available.

Stylish lamps and with energy efficient option can enhance your home and bring unique look to your interiors.

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Markslojd Fredrikshamn 105027
Markslojd Glommen 104609
Markslojd Glommen 104610
Markslojd Glommen 104611
Markslojd Grensholm wall
Markslojd Grimmstad 105052
Markslojd Halden 101841
Markslojd Halden 101842
Markslojd Halden 101843
Markslojd Halden 101844
Markslojd Hasle 104685
Markslojd Hasle 104686
Markslojd Home 104893
Markslojd Hope 104893
Markslojd Huseby 103064
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