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Pendant Lamps

Explore wide range of Modern, Exclusive and Designer Pendant lamps in our store. Our Pendant lighting are made to fulfil the expectation of even the most demanding customers.

We offer great value lighting in UK. Bring brightness to your home with our great selection of modern, exclusive and designer lighting.

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Markslojd Penny 138410
Azzardo Caldo 40

Azzardo Caldo 40


Markslojd Rockelstad 102445
Markslojd Rosendal 100532
Markslojd Rosendal 100533
Markslojd Skarhamn 102284
Markslojd Stavanger 102418
Markslojd Bovall 104285
Markslojd Stromboli 102166
Markslojd Stromboli 112524
Markslojd Stromboli 134424
Markslojd Sundholmen
Markslojd Sundsby 105016
Markslojd Sundsby 105017
Markslojd Svedala 102652
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